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about henming

Taizhou Hengming Plastics & Mould Technology Co., Ltd.specializes in the development, design and manufacture of plastic products and moulds. The application of professional CAD/CAE/CAM sys…

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We ensure OUR best seller will be YOUR best seller!

We ensure OUR best seller will be YOUR best seller!

Taizhou Hengming Plastics & Mould Technology Co., Ltd. supplies plastic products for our customers from around the world with competitive prices and exceptional quality. We appreciate the requirements of our clients' needs in plastic products and mould.

Our company truly values the business partnership that we make; we understand the driving elements of our customer's business needs and learn how to serve them well.


We believe that your vision is our mission. Our goals and objectives are to provide quality products at competitive prices. We work endlessly on providing solutions to improve your business bottom line. We are pacesetters with an ambitious attitude. Our Customer loyalty and satisfaction is most important to us. We pride ourselves on providing the best customer service you will not find elsewhere.


We work with them to improve their business

  • We nurture a relationship that provides loyalty

  • We help them compete effectively in the marketplace

  • We help to provide cost efficient solutions

  • We use our technology and expertise to help them

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ADD No.18, alley 242, shanghai south street, Luqiao district, Taizhou, Zhejiang, China

TEL +86 576 8299 9898 / 8299 9899 / 8208 6333/82535868/82956969

fax +86 576 82408898